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When it was first formed, Adelaide United FC was known as ‘the People’s Team’. Since day one, AUFC has greatly valued supporters and the integral role they play in the success and lifeblood of the club. Thus, the club is dedicated and open to hear from you about matters at the club that you think are important, which is why JABA Multimedia Design and AUFC have developed ‘Red Out Loud’.

‘Red Out Loud’ gives you the opportunity to send a message to the coach, the captain, the team or the club’s administration and watch this space for a reply (certain terms & conditions apply).

Have your say about the club - JABA is pleased to provide the opportunity for United supporters to forward questions on many aspects of the Club. Our agreement with the Club is appreciated as supporters will receive information on a wide range of matters - keep your comments to the point, raise issues which can better the Club and improve it for the supporters.

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2014 Messages

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Phil Jones
DEar MR CEO, I'm writing to let you know how much i have enjoyed seeing the reds perform this year, i've been to pretty well every home game and have enjoyed the reds playing style immensely, I am so pleased with the coach and his philosphy with football and its so great to watch, the first 9 games were a difficult time for the club but it was there you could see it the playing style , champing to score goals even when we lost (especially in the game against brisbane) round 4? not sure , anyway even if we don't get there this year i dont care, this is the football many many australians want to see and played in australia and my dad, son and grandson will be back next year , thank you so much, cheers and go the reds.
Dear Phil
Thanks for the feedback. It is true that there was some outside pressure after the first 10 games or so. It all had to be put in perspective, we appointed an overseas coach who was largely unknown and of course he in turn inherited a playing list which was virtually unknown to him. All credit to him and the players for their unity. We are all enjoying their performances.

With a number of NYL players returning to their NPL clubs where are AUFC getting the rest of their players from to fill the squad for the MIC tournament? SA NTC?

Very much looking forward to hearing about this squad and its development!

Football Director
Dear Stuckey,

Our NYL Development squad is made up of players identified by our coaching staff as potential NYL players for the next season and/or beyond.

They have come mainly from the NPL and SPL but some have also been identified from the NTC and AIS programs and of course existing players from the last NYL squad who are still eligible and considered for the
2014/15 NYL squad.
Brian Warner
Food and Drink boycott for next home game. The fans of AU are very concerned about the lack of support for the club by the government and the AEC. The idea of a food and drink boycott by Reds fans at the next home game has been mooted as way of showing our support for our club. At the same time send a message to the government and the AEC. What are the clubs thoughts?
Hi Brian,
We appreciate every level of support to the Club by our supporters. We would encourage our fans to follow their instincts with the immediate and long term best interests of the Club in mind.
Hi Glenn

As a fan and member of Adelaide United I am very disappointed to read a Financial Review article mentioning that the AEC/State government has raised the rents on Hindmarsh Stadium 100% over the last three years.
I was wondering what steps the fans could take to help this situation. Many have sent our political parties messages about our concern but I feel this may again fall on deaf ears. I hope the club never has to leave Hindmarsh unless we out grow it but I feel we are getting to a point where the club might have to look at that option.
As far as I know the AEC makes all the money that spent at the ground on food and beverage so maybe a message the fans can send the AEC is that if they want to continue to squeeze my club for money I will not spend money at the ground.
I feel not attending will just hurt the club further but not buying a warm beer and a cold hot dog on match days will send them the message we the fans are not happy.

Good luck for the rest of the season and the coming finals series!
Hi Adam,

Appreciate your email of concern. It is evident that football is expected to fund its own way in this State independent of other social and economic benefits provided due to the Club's existence. You are correct in assuming that all catering, stadium naming rights, certain advertising [Tripod screens and light towers] and three suites remain exclusively with the State Govt/AEC. The election pledges regards stadium upgrades have been made without any consultation with the Club itself , so may be totally independent of our needs. Again a reference to the MLS : 'Any team WITHOUT a soccer specific stadium solution that creates the right atmosphere for fans and PROFITABILITY for its team needs to seriously look at moving. Ultimately it is about what takes place on the field, a nice cold beer served super quick cannot mask a poor team and if you have one crowds will fall.

I just wanted to congratulate yourself and the club on your good efforts this year. I just read through the 'Adelaide United Football Football Club Update' email and I really appreciated the detailed information that it contained. I've been an Adelaide United member for 10 years (I have the 10 year membership cap to prove it!) and this year is the first time that I've really felt like the Club has a plan beyond trying to win the next game.

Its great to have such a positive vibe around the club (excluding certain print media reporters)!

Thanks Josh, we well understand we can't be 'all things to all people' , but we can assure all our fans that the Club is transparent to our fans and will promote the best interests of football in this State.

I didn't really know who best to direct this question but, with the youth squad planning to play during the winter. Is there any chance the club will allow fans to be aware of these games and where they are being played? The A-league has a long off season and I'm sure fans would love to see AUFC playing!
It may also be of benefit if the club is playing local sides with more fans attending the ground and more money being spent at that club.

Football Director
Hi Adam, we will definitely notify all of our supporters once the schedule for the games is confirmed. I¹m sure the young players will welcome as much support as they can get.

Brenton Cox
Hi Glenn - just a couple of questions about the team's playing strip. Was there any reason the boys couldn't wear their normal red strip against the Victory in Melbourne? I love to see them in red as much as possible and I thought that the white away strip was closer to Victory colours that the red would have been - so it seemed a bit odd. Also, has the club given any thought to perhaps using the 10-year commemorative strip (used against the Victory at home earlier this year) as a permanent strip next year? I know that many of the fans love it. Thanks
Thanks Brenton,
The FFA regulates that the Club wear an alternate strip for these clashes. We're with you, sometimes it is better to make a good decision in the best interests of the game as opposed to the 'right' decision. We will take the matter up direct with Victory, it would lead to a better spectacle. On the matter of the strip for next year, the fans thoughts are noted, it was extremely well received. Personally I think we should have a permanent strip which best reflects the Club we are, and if that is the commemorative strip used this year so be it. The alternate strip then provides the flexibility required by regulation.
Recently the newspapers have been reporting on a possible $75m redevelopment of Coopers (Hindmarsh) Stadium. What impact would this have; on the club from a financial standpoint and secondly on the supporters from a viewers perspective (primarily the proposed glass roof and the 7m pitch extension for rugby)?

Kind Regards.
Hi Pasquale,
Excuse the cynic in us , but is there an election in the imminent! On known facts this announcement is at best fanciful and at worst raising unrealistic expectations in an economy facing serious challenges. But to your direct questions:

1. Financial Implications
We have incurred an increase in direct charges exceeding 40% this year, a figure which is now beyond our financial capacity. We tire of Government representations that Hindmarsh Stadium is providing the 'best stadium deal nationally'. For one that is not correct and secondly if the tenant cannot afford same the comparison is meaningless. We shall circulate a document today regards our future position and importantly data which confirms that the Reds mean more to SA than simply a match day experience. A recent media report indicated that AEC was forecasting a return to profit in 2014/15 - at whose expense? Little wonder AEC is trading better, AUFC will contribute around $200k in increased charges this year and of course they have sold sponsorship at Hindmarsh. Coopers is a an AEC/Government sponsor, there is no direct association or financial return to the Club - likewise Belfour's.

2. Supporter Perspective
We would welcome any capital investment at Hindmarsh as little has happened in the last 10 years - at the very least some shade cover on the eastern side. Is cover required for football in summer - might be more relevant for rugby or concerts in winter. Cover was not considered for Adelaide Oval but is at Hindmarsh. Poses the basic question of course, the capital investment required to upgrade the stadium will bring about increased charges under the cost recovery strategy we operate under now.

Trust this helps
I am so happy with the direction of the club at the moment. The fact that arguably the league's best player, Marcelo Currusca, has decided to stay at the club, despite the offering of more money from the league's bigger clubs, is testament to the bold direction Adelaide United has taken in hiring Josep and backing him to the hilt. I feel compelled to write to you and applaud the way the club has moved forward this year. I am so happy the club did not succumb to the pressure (unjustified in my opinion) of the media when results weren't going our way early on. Thank you and COYR!
Thanks Matt
We really appreciate your feedback. There is another point of course, our fans have also been outstanding in their support.
during the finals if we get a home game, will we be playing at hindmarsh or adelaide oval? if we get get victory at home i do think hindmarsh will be too small and most of adelaide oval should be finished by then.
Hi Dimitri
All finals decisions rest with the FFA - the Club has no input to the same. The code also has to be loyal to those who support in through 27 games, not just a final if that is to be the case.
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